Push Studios New Forest - Dance Fit, Adult Ballet and Ballet Fit Classes

Lymington Centre, New Street, Lymington, Hampshire

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Push Studios New Forest - Lymington

Dance Fit, Ballet Fit and Adult Ballet classes

Fantastically fun and energetic dance fitness classes that will bring smile to your face!

Mondays at Shape Up Fitness at the Passford House Hotel:

10.30 Dance Fit

Fridays at the Lymington Centre in the Wellington Studio:

Push Studios New Forest

9.30am Dance Fit

10.45am Ballet Fit

12.00pm Adult Ballet

£10 pay as you go - or a New Forest Class card for £72 which gives you 8 classes to be used in 12 weeks.

There are also classes at Lime Wood in Lyndhurst

About Dance Fit

Kevin Thatcher professional dance at Push Studios New Forest

Dance Fit is a high energy cardio workout. Come and dance to a variety of musical genres from the Charleston and Burlesque through to Beyonce and Gaga. The class not only targets cardio fitness but also tones and strengthens the arms with port de bras! Class ends with abs and a good stretch!


Ballet Fit at Push Studios New ForestAbout Ballet Fit and Adult Ballet

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, feel the benefits of ballet with increased strength and flexibility, poise and grace. All our classes are to fantastic music (no plinky plonk piano here!).



Push Studios New Forest holiday courses The Great Fitness EscapeThe Great Fitness Escape

Also available are dance, pilates, relaxation and yoga holidays in gorgeous locations in France and Spain: more details and sign up for information



Kevin Thatcher of Push Studios New ForestAbout Kevin Thatcher

Kevin grew up in the New Forest and then trained at the Royal Ballet School and Elmhurst Ballet School before an extensive career in dance. He started Push Studios in 2006.

"I wanted to pass on my knowledge and love of dance to a new audience and I found that fitness classes were a fun and unique way of getting people to love dance and get fit at the same time."

Having returned to the New Forest in 2017, Kevin has now brought his exuberant and fun dance fitness classes to the Lymington and New Forest area.


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Lymington Centre, New Street, Lymington, Hampshire

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  • Absolutely the best start to the week!


    Kevin's Dance Fit classes are absolutely the best start to the week! A BRILLIANT Monday morning work out (at Shape Up Fitness) that always gives me a spring in my step! High energy workout, with plenty of jazz hands and loads of giggles. So glad you decided to move back to the New Forest, Kevin! :-)
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