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Jan 2021

FREE treatments for teachers and NHS workers
The Natural Health Hub is offering two treatments free to teachers & NHS workers: pranic healing and NIS. Pranic healing helps beat lockdown stress so you feel more relaxed, balanced and…


Jan 2021

Food Intolerance Testing with Amie Marshall
The Body Fabulous Health Clinic, usually based in Winchester, will be offering monthly testing at The Hub. A food intolerance means you have difficulty digesting certain foods causing an…


Feb 2021

Living With A Life Limiting Illness Online Support Group
09:30 - 10:30
A monthly supportive virtual environment for anyone living with a life-limiting illness along with their family and friends to share ideas and learn coping strategies to live well with your illness.

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  • 1 Hampers to hospital staff from Colten Care home residents and staff
  • 2 Send in the clowns by New Forest Mark and Hugh
  • 3 Kid's Half Term Photography Competition
  • 4 Valentine's Day dates for New Forest Colten Care home residents
  • 5 Food glorious food by New Forest Mark and Hugh
  • 6 Shrove Tuesday: how do you eat your pancakes?
  • 7 Things to do over February Half Term 2021
  • 8 The power of good by New Forest Mark and Hugh
  • 9 Downton Abbey day for Colten Care home residents
  • 10 Craft and creativity in a Covid age with New Forest Mark and Hugh
  • Hampers to hospital staff from Colten Care home residents and staff

    Pampers or munchies? Hearts of kindness!  New Forest Colten Care home residents and staff send hampers to Covid frontline hospital staff  Ed note:  A rather special follow up feature to last week's about Valentine's Day celebrations for long married couples in Colten Care homes, this week the focus is on frontline staff in hospital intensive treatment units. ITUs, such a highly skilled area of a hospital - and you can’t just replace colleagues who go off sick Hospital staff on the frontline of Covid have been receiving hampers and messages of support from residents and staff in Colten Care homes. Colten Care has made a series of donations to intensive treatment units (ITUs) in hospitals serving the same communities as its
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  • Send in the clowns by New Forest Mark and Hugh

    Send in the clowns? New Forest Mark and Hugh offer a rather more serious commentary this week, on current events   Introductory note: This week Hugh and Mark would like to offer an apology in advance. As Mark says: "For the past weeks the dastardly duo has managed to steer clear of the dreaded ‘C’ word. We feel that you’ve suffered quite enough on the topic, every blasted evening! But this is too much. Whilst scientific advisors are having to make very unpopular decisions based on hard facts and thorough research, certain people who really ought to know better are chipping away at the foundations of this work. We say shame on them."   Homework, you know you don’t want to but
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  • Kid's Half Term Photography Competition

    Children's Half Term Photography Competition Win a New Forest Activities family canoe adventure prize! Deadline Sunday 28 February 2021 Over the February half term, we set a series of photography challenges on our social media channels to inspire local children to get outside and take photos. If you missed the challenges, you'll find them listed below. If you'd like to enter the competition to win a Family Canoeing Adventure (for 4 people) with New Forest Activities, email us your photo(s) by 6pm on Sunday 28 February 2021 with your name and age. Good luck! The overall winner will be contacted the following week.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest, including more competitions and challenges!  Email your photos to emailProtector.addCloakedMailto("ep_12616f32",
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  • Valentine's Day dates for New Forest Colten Care home residents

    Love is in the air - everywhere!  New Forest Colten Care home residents enjoy surprise Valentine's dates Ed note:  This may bring a tear to an eye, it did to mine, at the thoughtfulness of the wonderful care home staff and the obvious pleasure for these long married couples in being able still to take real pleasure in spending Valentine's Day in one another's company. Who cares if Valentine's Day has become over commercialised during those years! Fifteen couples who live at Colten Care homes in the south celebrated Valentine’s Day with romantic lunches specially arranged as a surprise by their care teams, companions and chefs. The in-home diners were personally invited to sit down to homecooked Sunday roasts at private
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  • Food glorious food by New Forest Mark and Hugh

    Food glorious food! New Forest Mark and Hugh anticipate eating out once more, surely we can dare to dream too of this!   Introductory note from Mark and Editor: This week we remember the sheer delight that is ‘eating out’. Hopefully this will serve as an appetiser for dining delights soon to come (the sooner the better). The staff of the Thatched Cottage Hotel*, The Turfcutters Arms, The Haven, Rivaaz, Balmer Lawn Hotel, The Bosun's Chair, The Gun Inn, La Perle, The Monkey House, Rhinefield House Hotel, and other New Forest destinations for delectable dining had better brace themselves, we’re like thirsty coiled springs and we all have a lot of catching up to do. Note to all landlords: Buy two-pint
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  • Shrove Tuesday: how do you eat your pancakes?

    Shrove Tuesday: how do you eat your pancakes?  by Gill Hepburn and Fiona Hill - updated for 2021 Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The word shrove is a form of the English word shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one's sins by way of Confession and doing penance. Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday, Anglo-Saxon Christians went to confession and were "shriven" (absolved from their sins). A bell would be rung to call people to confession. This came to be called the “Pancake Bell” and is still rung today. Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days
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  • Things to do over February Half Term 2021

    Things to do over February Half Term 2021. Take a break from the 'groundhog days' and find holiday fun in the New Forest and beyond. So, the February half term is upon us. If you're feeling stuck at home with nothing to do, read on! We may not be able to physically 'go away' but there's still plenty to do - and not all of it online. We've gathered here a selection of ideas for inspiration.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter for more ideas throughout next week! Plus! If you've not already subscribed to receive our FREE New Forest Weekly What's On newsletter, emailed every Friday morning and full of the latest New Forest events, news and information, subscribe here
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  • The power of good by New Forest Mark and Hugh

    The power of good Antithesis to the publicity seekers - New Forest Mark and Hugh with reflections on our times and a moving tribute to Captain Tom   Introduction by Mark this week:  Captain Sir Thomas Moore was a determined and modest man who did more than raise a huge amount of money for NHS charities. He galvanised a nation which, during this crisis, had been beset by conflicting advice and political point scoring. He gave us life and optimism by his example. As is always the case with these stories there were many that suddenly popped out of the woodwork to publicly praise him. The nation ignored them and concentrated on this magnificent fellow by opening their wallets. The man was
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  • Downton Abbey day for Colten Care home residents

    Let's just go back a century!  Downton Abbey inspires a day of mystery and fun for Colten Care home residents One of Colten Care's homes was able to turn the clock back a whole century with its art deco theme and a Downton Abbey-inspired day of fun for its residents. Residents and team members at Colten Care’s Bourne View in Poole dressed as characters from the popular TV drama series set on a country estate in the post-Edwardian era. The day began with a 1920s-style cocktail reception featuring Mimosas - champagne and chilled orange - with sherry and soft drink options. It was followed by lunch in the home’s glitzy Hepburn restaurant consisting of recipe ideas from a Downton Abbey cookbook specially
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  • Craft and creativity in a Covid age with New Forest Mark and Hugh

    Old school, new school, young school New Forest Mark and Hugh with a rather more sober than usual contemplation about the role of craft and creativity, in a Covid age and beyond This week Mark takes on a rather more serious theme which is definitely cause for consideration by ourselves as well - although it's true even many more of us probably relax these days with soduku, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles...and Hugh's cartoon lightens any serious mood! If you haven't yet come across nor signed up for our weekly local online newsletter please do! Then read on! Valerie Singleton, recycler extraordinaire Those of us of a fine vintage will be more than familiar with the ritual of rinsing and saving yoghurt
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The Lymington Tile Centre

Great range of ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles in Lymington. The team are happy to advise, just pop in for a chat and look around. Borrow tiles to take home, free survey, installation…

New Forest Basics Bank

New Forest Basics Bank was set up in 2004 under Churches Together in Lymington and Pennington. An independent registered charity providing basic food and other essentials free to all in need…

The New Forest Academy of Dance

The New Forest Academy of Dance is a long established, Lymington based dance school offering dance, singing and drama classes for all ages from 2.5 years. Providing training in the arts, the…

Woodpeckers Residential and Nursing Home

In the heart of the New Forest, Woodpeckers offers residential and nursing care in a secluded yet vibrant environment. Situated in the charming village of Brockenhurst, this Colten Care home…

Brockenhurst, Hampshire
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A&J Seal Butcher Lymington

Local Lymington family butcher: fresh meat, poultry and game, served in environmentally friendly packaging, with a smile. Highly commended by Hampshire Food and Drink Awards. Order your New…

New Forest Woodburning Centre

Fantastic display of wood burning stoves, flues, fireplace materials and accessories from the new New Forest Woodburning Centre superb showroom on Ampress Park, Lymington. Lots of ideas and a…


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