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Oakhaven Hospice 

Hospice in Lymington and at home, serving the New Forest area

Oakhaven Hospice provides palliative care and support for patients and families both in the hospice and at home, in the New Forest, Totton and Waterside areas.
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Support, comfort and outstanding care

Surely everyone locally is aware of Oakhaven Hospice and the amazing support, comfort and and outstanding care it offers to the New Forest community: to those who face death from illness which can strike cruelly at any time of life, seemingly indiscriminately picking not just on the elderly but also the very young and people in their prime.

“When I got my diagnosis my world fell apart. Oakhaven became my sanctuary.”

“Hospice” care means much more than just the hospice 

Patients and their families are looked after in a variety of settings: the in-patient unit, the day hospice, in the community and at Lymington New Forest Hospital.

For example whilst there are eight physical beds in the wonderful hospice itself, in total there are effectively 300 beds at Oakhaven: the community team are looking after many more people in their own homes.

Oakhaven’s geographical coverage reaches out from Lymington to Barton on Sea and New Milton in the west, up through Sway and Brockenhurst and across to Lyndhurst and Ashurst, and now also including Totton and Waterside.

The Hospice at Home teams, with all nurses trained in palliative and end of life care, bring the hospice to peoples' bedsides: bringing appropriate pain relief and the warm, comforting, calm care for those who prefer or for whom it’s more practical to stay at home.

if you would like to discuss whether you or a loved one may be eligible for a referral to Oakhaven you are welcome to telephone the patients enquiry number on 01590 670346.

More information about patient careoakhaven hospice 2

Everyone touched by Oakhaven feels its embrace

When you visit the hospice you immediately feel its enveloping embrace, from the welcome by the friendly people on Reception to the happy busy buzz which emanates from everybody you meet.  

It’s not the years in your life that matter - but the life in your years

In the words of committed Oakhaven fundraiser, Events Manager Melanie Stone:

“Everybody knows the reality, but we make sure it's not about that. It’s about making the last weeks and days happy, enjoyable, painfree, supportive, caring and compassionate – like an envelope, a bubble, in which the time left can be preciously spent with loved ones, creating positive memories for those left behind to treasure.”

“It’s so hard to explain it, and you can’t really understand it until you actually experience it.  But that’s why we work here, that’s why we fundraise, that’s why the community want to fundraise too.

Fundraising: every penny counts, because every moment matters

All care offered to patients is provided free.

Many people know that only a small percentage of Oakhaven’s running costs are paid for by government funding, that it relies for all the rest on its fundraising activities and charity shops.   oakhaven hospice family fun day 2019 5

Yet whilst the sums involved are enormous, Oakhaven’s high local profile tends to lull people into the assumption that the fundraised funds always flow. The reality is an enormous challenge to maintain this wonderful facility for our community, and it’s only thanks to a veritable army of volunteers that it continues to do so.  

As Mel says: “If you’re putting on a gala ball and hoping to raise thousands, or you’re a member of Barton on Sea Golf Club who pays an extra £75 for a charity round when you could have played for “free”, or you’re five years old and you raise £10 with a lemonade stand - it all counts, every penny counts, and that’s how we do it, year after year.”

The annual Oakhaven Family Fun Fundraising Day in June is a fantastic coming together of families whose lives have been touched over the years by Oakhaven  - a happy occasion whilst remembering loved ones who are still missed.  It's an enormous feat of organisation but many volunteers make lighter work and are very much appreciated. 

For information about how you can get involved in fundraising efforts visit the Oakhaven Fundraising Page 

Follow Oakhaven on Facebook to appreciate the depth of its following

If you scroll down Oakhaven's Facebook Page you will likely, like us, be overwhelmed by all the wonderful testimonials and testaments to the dedication of the Oakhaven staff.oakhaven hospice family fun day 2019 3

“A little piece of heaven on earth. The care, dedication and support shown by all the nursing staff, care team, catering, cleaners, helpers and volunteers is wonderful to see. During the five days we spent at Oakhaven Hospice, it was clear that everyone is very passionate about the work they do. We need to support them in every way possible and we will be fundraising this year in memory of my wonderful husband.”

There are many more fabulous photos on the Facebook page too of the 2019 Family Fun Day, from which some of the pictures on this page were taken.

On Father’s Day Oakhaven posted a simple message of appreciation of dads and grandads remembered. The comments which flowed that day say it all.  Here are just a couple.

"Your care for my dad and for us as a family transformed the time around his death from traumatic to peaceful. I can never thank you enough."

"My Dad and I were blessed he spent his last days with you, thank you."

Key telephone numbers

Patient Enquiries: 24 hr 01590 670346

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Administration: (Mon-Fri 9-5) 01590 613025
Fundraising: (Mon-Fri 9-5): 01590 677773
Volunteer Services: (Mon-Fri 9-5): 01590 646447

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