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Kelly Eyecare

First class optometry with 30 years experience - and now hearing solutions too!

Kelly Eyecare have branches in Brockenhurst, Ringwood, Winton and Parkstone. Each branch delivers first class customer care, carefully handpicking frames and selecting the best lens suppliers to ensure the best visual outcome. But it doesn't stop there, Kelly Eyecare have now partnered with The Hearing Care Partnership to offer you the best hearing solutions too!

Kelly Eyecare's mission is to put each and every customer at the heart of the business, ensuring that every customer leaves the store feeling delighted, impressed and valued - and the team promise to always respect your budget. 

Vision at Kelly Eyecare

Kelly EyecareWhether you need a full eye test, impartial advice, or a choice of the latest eyewear, the team at Kelly Eyecare are here for you. State of the art eye examination facilities help give you the most accurate picture of your overall vision quality and eye health. Plus great-value packages mean you get both high quality and competitive prices. That is why customers come back year after year.

During your comprehensive check-up, your optometrist will not only determine your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases. The team are experts in listening carefully to any other problems you may have, before investigating thoroughly. 

Kelly Eyecare recommend an eye test at least every two years...

  • Do you use a computer? Are you lifting your head or leaning in to see your screen?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding night driving or struggling with glare from headlights? Or do you struggle with sunlight when you drive during the day?
  • Are you comfortable with chaning light conditions?
  • Do you have any specific visual needs with sports or crafts?
  • Are you getting visual fatigue at the end of the day and/or gritty eyes?

​So, is it time for a new eye test?

Find more information on the Kelly Eyecare website.

Hearing at Kelly Eyecare

listening 3079065 Our ears and eyes need to be checked every year.  Just like vision, hearing starts to change after the age of 40. Small changes in our hearing can make a big difference to you.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you sometimes miss details during a conversation?
  • Do you feel that listening in a social situation requires more effort?
  • Do you feel tired at the end of the day and just have to switch off from listening?
  • Does background noise make it harder to enjoy going out?

Sound familiar? Perhaps it's time to book a free hearing assessment with Audiologist Hannah Jeffery.  We can help you take the next steps and support your hearing journey along the way. 

Find more information on Hearing at Kelly Eyecare.

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