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Tony Mills, Energetic Wisdom

Lymington Hampshire

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Energetic Wisdom New Forest

Internationally renowned energy healer Tony Mills has helped 100s of people with a vast range of challenges. From emotional; such as losing weight or not feeling happy, to the more life-threatening challenge of debilitating illness.


- Former Osteopath.

- Reiki Master.

- Kinesiologist.

- Shaman.

Tony now uses metaphysical healing techniques and has devised unique methods to harmonise the mind, body, emotional and spiritual aspects of our health, without the need for physical manipulation or psycho-analysing.



- Unique, cutting-edge, healing techniques.

- An opportunity to experience better physical health.

- Gain better emotional health.

- Gain greater personal empowerment.

- Access a deeper sense of well-being and inner peace.

- The opportunity to transform and live the life you desire.

Experiencing Energetic Wisdom for yourself is a unique experience which you will find both fascinating and possibly life-changing.

Tony lives in the New Forest and has two clinics - one in Milford on Sea and the other in Netley Marsh - and an online virtual meeting room option for those who live too far away to travel to see him in person. Or he can offer a distance healing option.  Tony has also had a lot of success helping children.

Visit Tony's website to learn more. 

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Lymington Hampshire

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