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Microsuction Earwax Removal at Ear Clinic Lymington

Fully open and operational again following extensive refit for the New Normal

No price increase! Also developing a full ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) service for Lymington...

News Update from Mr Howlett 30 July 2020:

"The small ENT Clinic where we hold the Ear Clinic is now open and fully functioning. It's looking really fresh and clean. During lockdown a new clean air ventilation system was installed to rapidly remove air from the space, taking harmful particulates with it. It makes the service safer as the air the next patient breaths is different from the last. We have a new ENT Reception immediately to the right of the entrance, so patients can be advised on important matters like infection control as soon as they enter.

"We've decided to register and develop the ENT services in Lymington and also existing healthcare businesses that operate at Solent House. Solent Health will showcase the available services with a website coming soon. The new elements to the developing ENT Services in Lymington will be on the ground floor with a large ENT space for private appointments as well as a clinical audiology and balance assessment clinic. There will also be a luxurious private quiet waiting room away from busy areas.

"The developments, together with the existing small Ear Clinic, means a patient could see a Consultant privately and then progress through their treatment in one location. It's an investment in local services and it will be fabulous to have such an ENT Service in Lymington. 

"During the refit we have taken the utmost care to make adequate investment, changing the service environments for everyone’s safety. Despite further investment and the increased cost in protective equipment for patients and staff, we have taken the decision not to increase the cost of treatment in the Ear Clinic. When the decision to open the service to the public was made in 2018, a key aim was to provide truly first-class facilities and care at minimal cost of £49 to local people. We see the recent upgrades to our facilities and services as part of that commitment and we’re proud to demonstrate that.

Watch this space for further news and visit the Ear Clinic website for more information.

Read more about the changes on the Ear Clinic website

You can also read about the changes which have been made here

How to make an appointment

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

To book an appointment call 01590 610944 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. More information here.  
07 Ear Clinic Lymington Microsuction Wax Removal

First-class management of excessive earwax - at a pain free price

Earwax removal by microsuction is available at Ear Clinic in central Lymington.

Earwax removal is no longer guaranteed as an NHS procedure. Many GP surgeries no longer offer this service and it's almost impossible to get a NHS appointment anywhere for earwax removal. Those who suffer from excessive earwax, particularly hearing aid wears, will already know the difficulty in managing excessive earwax.

Private services that have been set up to date, often with little investment in equipment and facilities, can be an expensive alternative. Typical charges are between £60 to £85 for a short 20 minute appointment. 

Ear Clinic Lymington First class private treatment with economy value for local people

Enter Ear Clinic, an amazing ENT Clinic funded as part of a charitable partnership. The Partners wish to add capacity and provide sensibly priced services for locals in Lymington. Expect to find a very safe, comfortable and well-appointed environment full of the latest , equipment able to deliver locals a true private healthcare experience.

Microsuction: earwax removed from both ears for £49

Excessive earwax is removed, typically by microsuction, from both ears for just £49, with an appointment time of 30 minutes as standard.  Ear Clinic is a purpose designed well equipped ground floor clinic at Lymington Business Centre on Cannon Street. It's a few steps away from the centre of Lymington. It's located opposite the entrance to the short-stay car park on Cannon Street or a short walk through the Angel Courtyard from the high street.

The waiting area at Ear Clinic Lymington

Many people try to manage excessive earwax problems themselves before seeking help. Now you can stop spending on oils, self-irrigators and instead take full control of the health of your ears.  See the problem and the outcome, on Ear Clinic’s large integrated screens. See detailed HD images before and after treatment AND know that your ears are clear after treatment.

"Ear Clinic is funded through philanthropy with a passion for ​the great British value of community"

Ear Clinic Lymington See that your ears are clear

"Ear Clinic is a private facility, established in 2015 as part of a charitable partnership, which until July 2018 was not open to the public. 

"Ear Clinic was originally founded to treat retired and serving Civil Servants, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Forces and other members.

"A truly first-class facility with the highest levels of equipment and care. Now the public can benefit from attending this facility and ethical low-profit service model that’s been serving the country since 2009 and raised over £100k in charitable funds.

"Ear Clinic is one of the most advanced and well-funded clinics. It features a fully specified high-level Entermed, Futurent ENT unit. An ENT pole mounted, LED microscope. Irrigation (water) is available if required. If necessary, we have a computer controlled pre-heated water system for your comfort and, to reduce the risk of vertigo during treatment.

"With two large integrated screens, patients can see both the presenting problem and the outcome after treatment, so they know their ears are clear after treatment."




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  • Fantastic customer service and wonderful relief!


    The utter joy and relief of having your hearing restored when your ear has been completely blocked and cut you off from conversation is hard to describe. I cannot do justice here to the absolute magic of microsuction! But the context for this transformation was even more magical. The Saturday before Christmas Week, with many other things to do, Kevin who owns the Ear Clinic in Lymington opened up his state of the art practice (it's next door to the Solent House Dental Practice just down from the Community Centre) especially to give me an emergency treatment because I was due to get on a plane later that day and was feeling very nervous. It had all happened so quickly: a little water accidentally spilt into the ear whilst hair washing and straightaway an ominous fluttering in the ear to which no amount of turning of the head to that side made any difference whatsoever. In fact deafness on that side took hold and whatever I did it simply intensified. Appointment time swiftly confirmed by email then message I duly arrived and signed the relevant forms for first treatment. Everything was painstakingly explained and once I was seated in an extremely comfortable treatment chair I was shown the evidence on screen which showed clearly the difference between the two ears - one side completely "normal" and the other obviously with something in it! Kevin also explained that it would have been only a matter of time before the ear had blocked regardless of the accident with the shower spray! Microsuction – a quick, painless, solution to a build-up of wax in the ear, whatever the cause! Rather than syringing the ear the old fashioned way which introduces water, (not ideal especially for those whose ear was infected by water in the first place) Kevin uses “Microsuction” which as the name suggests is a “suction” procedure which gently removes wax and other debris from the ear, without using any water at all. As Kevin continued to educate me, ear wax is normal, it’s produced to form a protective coating over the skin in the ear canal. But ears are normally self-cleaning – the movement of our jaws whilst eating and talking helps to move the wax along the canal where it will usually fall out naturally without our noticing. Some people get a lot of wax build up in their ears, which can partially block the ears causing discomfort and loss of hearing. For them a regular appointment with Kevin is clearly a good idea. I normally don't and Kevin reassured me that I shouldn't need a repeat visit in the near future.
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