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Beautiful You New Forest - for a "beautiful new you" 

From massage to manicure, sugaring to shaping, enhancing your natural beauty

beautiful you new forest for a beautiful you

From manicure, pedicure, waxing and nails to eyes to facials, massage and Reiki: let Alison of Beautiful You New Forest enhance your natural beauty or simply capture a different side of yourself and make you look brilliant!

Take some much-needed time for yourself

It is easy to feel guilty for taking time out but it is important to take time for yourself both for mind and body, to keep you in better balance and help you to feel more confident.  Start the New Year with a new outlook on this subject!

Experienced Beauty Therapist, Alison from Beautiful You offers a wide range of treatments which pretty well cover all the natural ways in which your natural beauty can be enhanced.

beautiful you new forest - alison boulter

You may wonder where to start!  In which case let Alison give you a completely free consultation (or a chat on the phone if you prefer) to discuss the areas that you would like to improve and which treatments might benefit you.

New Year special - Alison brings exactly the right treatments for you, to you! 

Heading to a beauty salon can be daunting and difficult to fit around work, children and family so Alison will come to you.

Which treatment and why?

Not sure which treatments might suit you or indeed what the treatments are?  Perfect!  Alison is delighted to offer a free consultation, looking at where you are with your skin and body and talk about how she can help to improve and maintain and make the most of the beautiful you.

She can help you to make the most of your looks and make you feel more confident and feminine - but even if you would just like just an eyebrow shape or your legs waxed she is very happy to help.

beautiful you new forest alison boulter 2“As an experienced therapist I really listen to my clients and help them with their requirements.”

Here are a few examples of beauty treatments and their benefits...

The pleasures of pedicure

Having a regular pedicure can ensure that you keep hard skin to a minimum and toe nails are trimmed keeping your feet in good condition for the rigors of life. Having a pretty colour of your choice added and a leg massage all help to ensure you feel you are walking on air. This treatment is available as a quite tidy and polish or with a more thorough soaking with a leg massage and with a deep moisturising heat treatment for very dry feet.

The magic of manicure

Keeping fingernails looking neat and tidy with a regular manicure, tidying up cuticles, filing the nails into shape, removing dry skin then moisturising and finally applying a nail polish (including gel if you like) in a colour of your choice to complement your mood or the season is a complete win win - every time you look down you see your lovely shiny nails and it definitely helps you to feel a million dollars let alone what others may think!

Transformation with eyelash lift & tint

This is becoming very popular and for good reason. Eyelashes are often quite straight and can become more so as we age, lashes also become paler on the ends so appear shorter than they are. A lashlift puts back a natural looking curl allowing the lashes to stand taller giving a more open eye look, tinting the lashes makes them darker so they look fuller and frame your eyes. This can be like having a little eyelift: helping to look younger and brighter eyed. The Lashlift and tint lasts approx. 6-8 weeks. Benefits also include not needing mascara if you are going away on holiday!

Framing your face with brow tinting and shaping

Brows frame your eyes and give the face shape. The small brow hairs can become bleached by the sun and change colour, length and position as we age. Tidying up and shaping the brow and then putting colour back into them, to suit your hair colour and skin tone, puts shape and form back into your face.

A relaxing facial: not a luxury but a necessity

Skin is delicate, it’s the largest organ of the body, it changes its function at different times of the day and is affected by the seasons and different times of life. Our faces are our window to the world and if you wish to be looking fresh and youthful having a facial or even better a regular facial and a good skin care routine (which doesn’t have to be long and arduous) will help to hold back ageing and improve the skin's texture and feel.

All Alison's facials are bespoke and tailored to suit your skin and the time you have available. She has a menu of choices that can be adjusted your requirements and the time you have available.

The mysteries of sugaring explained (it's a form of waxing but softer and easier on the skin...)

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal which can use the same method as waxing - applying a layer of warm sugar paste to the skin and then removing either by hand or using a strip, removing the hair by the root giving a much longer regrowth time and smoother skin. Sugar is completely natural and looks a bit like golden syrup, the residue can be wiped away with warm water. It is generally agreed that it is more comfortable that waxing. Sugaring can be used on the underarms, legs, bikini line, lip, chin, eyebrows etc. If hair is regularly removed (every 4 weeks) longest regrowth times are achieved.

Lip, chin and facial hair removal

With the change of life, facial hairs can start to grow on the chin and around the lip area, sugaring can be used to remove these unwanted hairs in the methods described above. This lasts approx. 4-6 weeks between treatments but regrowth times do vary from person to person.

Coming soon:  explaining the mysteries of massage, and beautiful brides made up for their special day.

Meanwhile contact Alison for your free consultation and start the New Year with a Beautiful New You!


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