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Top quality ethically sourced coffee, hand roasted to order, delivered to you

Imagine that intoxicating aroma with all its pleasing associations of that first cup of coffee of the day…whether it’s when you first wake, with breakfast or sometime after...

...if you’re a coffee lover (and if you're on this page obviously you are!) you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Amamus coffee club in Lymington invites you to buy one off or regular supplies of delicious, ethically sourced coffee, as a Member of their new Coffee Club 

The coffee supplied by amamus is quite honestly as good as you will find, anywhere. Once you've tasted it you won't go back to the supermarket - or certainly that's been our experience!

Amamus coffee comes from the highest quality plants grown by carefully selected farms and co-operatives in very special places around the world. It's freshly roasted here by hand to develop its regional character, natural flavours and aroma. It's then sustainably packaged in convenient, compostible bags.  And finally it can be delivered to your New Forest door!

amamus coffee club logo pngJoin amamus coffee club!

Amamus is already well known and highly regarded for the coffees it selects and supplies to corporates and businesses.

The new amamus coffee club now brings quality coffee direct to your door at home too.

You are welcome to buy on a one-off or subscription basis. (Tip - most people having tried once sign up for regular deliveries.)

As a member you'll enjoy lots of benefits: member only discounts and special offers, events, tastings and much more...

Read here lots of good reasons why to join the amamus coffee club

Of course the most important reason to join is so that you'll never run out of fabulous quality coffee - to which trust us you're likely to get quite addicted!

amamus coffee club - FullFlavourKit More about coffee from amamus 

As they say, amamus coffee "carries its origin story to your door with pride." They're also such coffee geeks, they can give you each coffee's fascinating story printed out to keep, too.

Amamus coffee is all what's known as "specialty grade" coffee and it all comes from carefully selected farms or co-operatives.  Which could be in South East Asia, South America, Africa... 

All coffees are roasted by hand to develop the regional character, natural flavours and aroma.

They're freshly roasted, to order, only when the coffee is needed for drinking! 

All the packaging is plastic free and is almost 100% compostable.

View the amamus range of coffees here!

How much coffee do you need?

500 grams equates to one cup per day for a month. Two bags (1kg) is two cups per day for a month. Three bags (1.5kg) is three to four cups per day per month.  That will help you work out how much you need!

(Top Tip 2: for a coffee loving household of 3-4 people you'll likely need four bags a month.)  

amamus coffee club - Silvergrinder Buy your coffee grinder too

The art of a great cup of coffee relies not only on the quality of the beans and the roast, but also in the preparation.

Buying beans and grinding your own coffee at home is best for lots of good reasons notably aroma and correct blend for your machine. Amamus have done lots of research into the best grinders and this one they judge to be so good they have decided to supply it to their customers.

Buy your coffee grinder here! 

But if you’re not quite ready, then amamus will grind to your preferred brewing method for now.

To enhance your enjoyment of theirr coffee they also offer the rest of your coffee "kit" - all of which you can also buy online  too. 

Buy the rest of your coffee "kit" here!

amamus coffee club b corps

B-Corps certified

Amamus are also proud to wear the badge of B-Corps certification which means you can be assured not only of our their "purpose-led and joyful" approach to their work (aka, pursuing purpose as well as profit!) but also, their aim is to be a force for good in business.

Read more about B-Corps and what it means to be certified, here

Visit amamus coffee club and place your first order, now!

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