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OSCAR Pet Foods - Lymington, New Forest

Quality Ingredients, Honestly Labelled, Delivered Free.

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OSCAR is nutritional tasty pet food for dogs, cats and small pets, delivered to your home at times to suit by Lymington based OSCAR distributor Clare Muir.


OSCAR Pet Foods has been delivering superior pet products to homes throughout the UK since 1994. 

A range of 17 different foods is available including gluten-free, weight-control and grain-free options, all backed by the OSCAR Honest Label Policy and money-back guarantee. 

Ingredients are listed clearly by name: rice, potato, chicken, lamb etc 

Feeding guides are easy to read and understand

Only the best for your pet!  Dogs...

Healthy shiny coat - Biotin, chelated zinc and omega 3 help skin, coat and paw pads

Great tasting - makes for a happy pet

Healthy digestion - contains prebiotics and beet-pulp for good digestive health

Optimising energy - Vitamin B, essential for good energy levels

Maintaining healthy joints - with added glucosamine to support and maintain healthy joint tissues

Healthy brain development - folic acide and omega 3 from fish oils

Maintains good eyesight - lutein helps eyes to filter strong light

Anti-oxidants - beta carotene, vitamin C and E help keep cells healthy

Healthy heart - with added taurine for a healthy heart

Immune support - with vitamins C and E as well as beta carotene to help support your dog's immune system

Maintaining lean body - L-Carnitine helps keep a healthy metabolism

Supporting energy balance - vitamin B12 and iron keeps healthy blood oxygen levels


oscar pet foods Lymington New Forest -  Shyla poorly Especially good for sensitive tummies...

OSCAR is particularly suitable for pets with sensitivities and Clare has many stories of poorly pets become healthy and happy again.

It's all natural... for more information see

An alternative to raw

Shyla was poorly and recuperating from a traffic accident   She normally eats "raw ", but when she goes "on holiday" not everybody likes to handle the raw meat.   So a suitable dried alternative is needed, yet some dried foods seem to upset her tummy.   But with OSCAR:  she not only loves eating the dried food  (gluten free lamb and rice) but it seems to sit very happily with her digestion. 

Customer testimonials galore - to both OSCAR and Clare

Says Gill, OSCAR customer for more than 17 years and owner of these gorgeous Labradoodle pups: Labradoodle pups enjoying their OSCAR dinner 

“I would like to say that Clare Muir really is much more than just her pet food. I have been an OSCAR customer for at least seventeen years, and when my Labrador, Kayla, gave birth to a litter of six Labradoodles Clare was my guiding light. Reassuring me of what and how to feed, through to the day they all went on to new homes – with a recommendation and an OSCAR puppy pack.  Clare's patience and reliability, backed up by informative advice, helped me through the process of keeping Kayla fit and healthy, before and after, while looking after her pups. Now with time to reflect I recall just how important OSCAR is to me. From the days when I needed some useful tips on how to deal with the stress of fireworks to never leaving me without a food delivery, even if she was away, is a special, personal and unique service. My appreciation of OSCAR food and the support offered by Clare means a lot and as long as I have a pet I will never change.”

Local deliveries in the New Forest area

Delivery to Lymington, Sway, Miilford, Brockenhurst, Beaulieu etc... and much further afield across the New Forest.  Just ask Clare if you're within her patch, it's highly likely you will be.

Special starter offer

Looking for happier, healthier pets? Ring Clare, your local OSCAR Nutritional Advisor for natural, tasty, nutritious dog or cat food samples.

Try a £5 OSCAR Starter pack - with £5 off your first bag you get your money back!

FREE HOME DELIVERY. Call 01590 681423 or Text 07972 021062


oscar Clare Muir's dog show at the  rotary summer spectacular 2014

Clare: running local dog shows 

If you've been to the Lymington Carnival post Carnival fete or the Curious Arts Festival you may have come across Clare ably managing the fun dog shows which are so popular locally.   And you may also have seen Clare's van "on the road" ....


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  • Great back up to feeding raw - no health issues


    Oscar pet food is often associated with animals with sensitivities, it's recommended particularly for them. Our dog has no issues and we normally feed raw. However we always keep a stock of Oscar dog food because we trust it as a healthy back up for when we run out of raw meat and/or she stays with friends while we're away. She seems to enjoy it greatly, certainly eats it with relish. Meanwhile Clare's delivery service is excellent and we can pay online which saves time and carrying heavy loads - although thinking about it, that means Clare has to! But she has a good carrying technique. Thoroughly recommend.
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