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Welcome to the "New Normal" at Station Financial 

New Forest independent financial advisers Station Financial, open and ready to welcome you, consider the evolution of language 

station financial signage 600It’s a funny thing, language, as it’s always evolving, and every nation, culture, sub-culture and industry has its own.

Take the financial industry for example. Terms such as “gross domestic product”, “market shares”, “net worth” and “portfolio management” are commonplace for those who work with money, a whole category of language designed and used by financial experts.

This kind of language is fairly niche, not everyone having a clear understanding of the meanings of these terms - hence the need for experts.

The same can be said of words found in the urban dictionary - an online resource for slang words and phrases - many words and phrases found on this site will not be understood by older generations because with the evolution of slang, the meaning of words can alter.

Like “sick” doesn’t necessarily just mean you’re unwell anymore, it could mean you think something is really, really good (according to 21st century youths).

Language of money - free

But a whole new language popped up during Lockdown!

Other developments in language are not so niche.

Entirely new words and phrases can be added to our collective vocabulary, and this is certainly evident since the rise of Covid-19. A host of new words and phrases have popped up, suddenly used by everyone to communicate about this shared global experience we are living through.

There was a time when no one would have uttered the words: “would you like to take a socially distanced walk with me?” or “I have serious Zoom fatigue”, but now these are universally understood – thanks to the spread of Coronavirus.

Finger on the pulse steady and no stranger to crisis either

At Station Financial we always have our finger on the pulse of the latest news, developments and trends worldwide, and as such, we are no stranger to a crisis (particularly a financial one).

Just as our team worked hard training and learning the language of finance in order to serve our clients and make their money work for them, we have now all taken time to learn the new language of the Coronavirus-era and have responded appropriately.

WFH (Working from Home) was the first response, as per government advice, and our team of dedicated experts have remained busy at home reviewing client portfolios and keeping up to date with interest rates, market shares and mortgage rates throughout lockdown.

With the easing of lockdown, we are now focussed on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and social distancing measures in our offices as we adapt to the “new normal”.

Socially distanced at station financial A visit to our recently re-opened office in New Milton will see the reception area fitted with a clear screen and our lovely Business Development Manager, Gill Hepburn, will be on the front desk sporting a trendy new clear face visor, on hand to guide you through your appointment safely.  Hand sanitiser will also be available and we ask all visitors to use this as well as appreciating them to wear a face mask/ covering whilst in our office.

Socially distanced no obligation free initial consultation

As we adapt to the new normal, we continue to welcome new enquiries and existing client appointments, which can all be carried out either by telephone, video conferencing (such as Zoom or Skype, etc), in the airy spacious reception sitting area at the front of our offices, or weather permitting in our private garden or yours - to suit your convenience.  

These have been unsettling times for lots of reasons, and many things have changed. But one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to serving you and supporting you with your finances.  Do get in touch if you need any support or advice.

The New Normal at Station Financial

As above your first port of call whether you call in or call by phone, will be with Gill Hepburn pictured here. After a brief chat with Gill, she will know exactly which of the Station Financial team of Independent Financial Advisers will be most suited to discuss your particular situation and your financial goals. 

The first consultation with Station Financial is free and you are under no obligation, so if you're considering your finances as many of us are right now, do take advantage of this excellent opportunity and call Gill today. 

Call Gill today on 01425 611 666 or send an Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find out more about Station Financial here. 

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