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Upcoming Teenage Lymington Band Set for Stardom!


Click here for link to    Lymington Band Daisy Chains playing "Someone Like Me"

Daisy Chains call themselves an “art pop” band - which augurs well for their performances at Lymington Arts Festival and Lymington Carnival in July. They’ve got several important gigs lined up imminently, where the music industry big names will be assembled and which could start to shape the future of the Band.  But meanwhile they intend to take Lymington by storm next month.

Daisy Chains - Lymington “Art Pop” Band which was formed in 2014.


Daisy Chains was formed in 2014 and comprises “Brandley” Brandon Toor (guitar/vocals), Charley Palmer (guitar/vocals), Woody – James Wood (bass) and Toby Welch (drums). They’re all in their late teens and only recently finished their studies at Brockenhurst College. 

lymington-pop-band-daisy-chains.jpg - 20.59 kbTheir music they call “art pop”, with heavy 70's studio 54 disco elements inspired by acts such as Chic, Chaka Khan and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Here’s a recent interview with Ged Babey which provides some background for us before we’re properly introduced to Daisy Chains in July - at the Lymington Arts Festival on Saturday 11 July (2pm) and the following weekend at Lymington Carnival on Sunday 19th (1pm) .

Based on discussion with Daisy Chain’s spokesman Brandon Toor, Ged explains that Daisy Chains lyrics were inspired by Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde and that there’s a hefty dose of early Manic Street Preachers mixed up with the other musical influences which have shaped their music and style to date: Big Attitude as well as Ambition, characterise Brandon and the rest of the Band.


Finally here’s a link to the Daisy Chains Facebook page.


So now, we’re looking forward to Daisy Chains Live in Lymington!


Jane Porter for, 9 June 2015