Make a difference in Lymington: think about clothes and fabric

For a sustainable future we all need to make changes to the way we live our lives. 

Local environmental and sustainability group, Transition Lymington, launched their '2020 Vision' in May 2018. The objective is to remind ourselves why we love Lymington and what we can do to help enjoy it and protect it, making a sustainable community for the future.

Every month a list of achieveable suggestions is proposed - small things that could start making a really big difference. See below the challenges relating to each month so far. This month the challenge is to creatively use and respond to change - what else you could be doing to help our planet flourish in the future?

Get inspired by the list below - let's see how many we can achieve this month!

Plus also take a look at our article: Can we do more here in Lymington and the New Forest to save our precious planet?

Month 17: Think about clothes and fabric

Without a doubt, one of the world's biggest pollutants and unsustainable industry is clothing manufacturing. Most of us are guilty of having a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes, yet have 'nothing' to wear. Fast fashion has reached unacceptable levels - and in many countries the manufacture of fabric creates pollution, deforestation and unfair working conditions. What can you do this month to make a difference?

2020 Vision - Lymington Transition challenge us to think about Clothes and Fabric


In month 16, we were challenged to creatively use and respond to change:

Creatively use change

In month 15 we were challenged to seek out New Forest Food and Produce:

New Forest Food and Drink


In month 14 we were challenged to seek clean air...

14 Clean Air challenge Lymington Transition Hampshire


In month 13 we were challenged to refill...

Transition Lymington 2020 Vision - Refillable Lymington


In month 12 we were challenged to step out of our comfort zones and make a difference...

2020 vision month 12 Lymington Transition

In month 11 we were challenged to use local solutions that respect nature.

Lym Trans 2020 Vision month 11


In February we were challenged to integrate rather than segregate...

Month 10 2020 vision

In January we were challenged to look at patterns and details in nature.

Lymington Transition Month 9 2020 Vision Patterns and Details


In December, we were challenged to consider renewable resources...

Transition 2020 December Renewable Resources


In November, we were challenged to make plans for a very different December...

2020 Vision November Lymington Transition


In October, the challenge was to produce no waste:

Lymington Transition's 2020 Vision challenge October 2018

In September, the challenge was to share: when you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

2020 Vision Lymington Transition September 2018 Fair Shares

This August as a part of their 2020 Vision, Transition Lymington challenge us to reap the rewards - grow your own, make your own, pick your own... take a look at the inspiring ideas below.

August Reap the Rewards Transition Lymington

Lymington 2020 Vision - Month 3: Easy Plastic Swaps

This July as a part of their 2020 Vision, Transition Lymington challenge us to reduce our use of plastic. Here are some ideas of easy ways to avoid plastic - see how many you can achieve this month!

Let's see how many swaps we can make for plastic this month!

Easy ways to avoid plastic

Lymington 2020 Vision - Month 2: Save Energy!

This June, Transition Lymington challenge us to save energy. Take a look at the ideas below and see how many you can achieve this month. 

Save energy in Lymington


Transition Lymington launch their 2020 Vision 

What we can all do to help enjoy and protect Lymington.

Sunset at Hordle Cliff beach near LymingtonOn 1 May 2018, Transition Lymington launch their 2020 Vision. The objective is to remind ourselves why we love Lymington and what we can do to help enjoy it and protect it. The vision is for a sustainable and thriving community that we love.

Each month for the next 20 months, Transition Lymington will release a short list of 20 easy, 'do-able' challenges. These will be themed and its up to you how many you do. The list may give you other ideas too.

May 2018 is the first month and the theme is Observe and Interact. The challenges listed are to allow you become more connected with Lymington, the New Forest and our coastline and include ideas such as ‘listen to the sound of the waves,’ ‘look at the stars and the moon’ and ‘have a picnic in the New Forest.’

Every month the theme will change and you can expect a huge range of challenges and suggestions such as ‘easy plastic swaps’ ‘saving energy’ and ‘growing food at home.' 

Lymington 2020 Vision is using a Facebook page – Lymington 2020 Vision – as an interactive place where you can print off the lists and then post your ideas and upload photos of the challenges you have had fun completing. You can also view and download the lists here at

If you plan to do a challenge, please make sure when you get there, it is safe to do so - you take part at your own risk.

Lymington 2020 Vision - Month 1: Observe and Interact

Take a moment to observe the world around you and consider how you interact within that world. Enjoy and appreciate your surroundings.

Observe and Interact in Lymington

Transition Lymington is a group of local people who meet up and work together on ideas about how to make SO41 more sustainable and pleasurable place to live.

Find out more about Transition Lymington here.