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A break for both carer and cared for with Colten Care short stays

Sometimes a holiday is just what's needed, providing precious time to be "you" again.

Whether recovering from a spell in hospital, or simply wanting to give your carer - or yourself - a break, a short stay in one of Colten Care's homes could be just the ticket.

Colten Care residentCaring for a loved one can be demanding and stressful, both emotionally and physically. We all deserve an occasional break from our responsibilities – and that’s where a respite stay in a beautiful, welcoming care home comes in. You may well associate care homes with long-term care, but there are many reasons why shorter stays are attractive as well.

People on discharge from hospital often require additional care to start their recuperation.   

Meanwhile some individuals or families want to try out a care home before making a longer-term commitment to move in permenantly.

Short term stays provide respite for both carer and the person being cared for

Enjoying tea on the terrace at Kingfishers

A respite stay can be a rejuvenating breather that gives a full-time carer precious time out. Enjoy your holiday knowing that your loved one is having a great time too! You should not feel guilty about needing a break from the person you’re caring for. In fact, it’s widely recognised that respite care is good for both the carer and the person being cared for.

Time to be "you" again

Colten Care’s New Forest homes boast luxurious cafés, peaceful sitting rooms, relaxing hair salons and stunning, accessible gardens. At the same time, residents have the reassurance of daily companionship, home-cooked meals, and round-the-clock residential, nursing and dementia care as required. Each home has a dedicated team offering tailored, structured activities and experiences, from calming conversations to engaging exercise, and live music to poetry readings.

Excellent food at Colten Care homesWhatever the need, many of Colten's short-stay residents come back time and time again and consistently acknowledge the excellence of services. 

“When we go in with mum, we know she’s going to have a good experience,” one family member says. “On a typical morning, she’ll have a relaxing bath and go to the in-home hairdressing salon to have her hair done. She comes out of there looking like a star. It’s a real pampering. She’ll then have a delicious lunch prepared by the chefs and served in the friendly, warm dining room.“

“After lunch she might do some gentle crafts or other activities or have afternoon tea and cake sitting with a Companion in the garden.“

“All these experiences give us something to have a chat about when we see her again.”

Whether a short period of recovery, a break for yourself, or simply a ‘trial run’ for those looking for a permanent home, a short term stay at a Colten Care home is an excellent opportunity.

Find out more about respite care, including tips on how to introduce the idea.

If you would like to discuss a short stay in a Colten Care home, call 01425 460985 or find out more at