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Working towards a sustainable future for Lymington

Transition Lymington is a part of the wider New Forest Transition movement. It formed in response to a number of our current social and environmental issues, namely climate change, impending oil shortage and economic uncertainty.

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Transition Lymington is an active grassroots community organisation, open for anyone to join! 

Transition Lymington is striving for a 'transition' from our current way of life to a better one. Away from our high dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, energy, food production and consumables towards a strong future, built on low carbon economy, local food production and local energy production.

Transition is a group that believes in responding to sustainability and environmental problems as a community, creating very positive alternatives.

By taking action locally, we will be able to making the community more self-reliant and resilient to change. At the same time, the aim is to reduce our environmental impact and, in the longer term, reduce costs.

Our vision is to be in a place where our buildings, vehicles and appliances are very energy efficient, we walk or cycle locally, our power is made from renewable sources (rather than dwindling overseas ones) and we are self sufficient for the greatest possible number of our needs - food, energy, transportation, health and housing. 

Transition in Lymington aims to raise awareness of these issues and build on the momentum of New Forest Transition, specifically concentrating on projects in the SO41 postcode areas. Let's work together for a more sustainable future - we welcome everyone to our regular, friendly meetings and events.

Transition Lymington has started to make a difference locally

Lymington Transition logo seedlingSince 2008 we have…

  • helped create the West Solent Solar Farm
  • set up Lymington Garden Share, matching local gardens with local gardeners 
  • run talks and discussions on energy, food and money
  • given away 50 fabric bags in exchange for 10 plastic bags each
  • organised and carried out beach cleans
  • held Christmas and Spring Fairs with local producers and made a plastic bag monster!
  • run fruit and veg swaps at Lisa’s Larder in Milford-on-Sea
  • organised free bicycle checks, security coding and a bike course
  • run lots of Jean Genie ‘upcycling’ events
  • worked with Lymington and Pennington Town Council on allotment provision and a poppy seed drop
  • undertaken a 'Grow Wild' project, creating wild flower meadows 
  • surveyed parks and ponds for wildlife and influenced better management for wildlife
  • worked with a local school on a drama production 
  • set up an ‘Abundance’ project to put apples going to waste into use to make chutneys etc.

There are other projects we hope to work on including community gardens, food mapping, skill sharing, local green energy projects and upcycling. Why not join us with your ideas and energy? We meet in the Thomas Tripp pub, Lymington, 8pm, usually the last week of the month - see the Events Calendar for details

Want to find out more?


Lymington 2020 Vision starts May 2018 with the objective is to remind ourselves why we love Lymington and what we can do to help enjoy it and protect it. The vision is for a sustainable and thriving community that we love. Find out more about Lymington 2020 Vision here.


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