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  • Dementia is a  "Glorious Opportunity" - uplifting words and advice for all from Dr Jennifer Bute who herself has Alzheimers 


Worried about dementia?

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing and is not confined to the elderly. The term dementia describes a set of symptoms that occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases, such as Alzhimers or a series or small strokes. Find out more about dementia.

Dementia friendly events

Dementia friendly organisations

Lymington Dementia Action Group

The Lymington Dementia Action Group (LDAG) is a group of volunteers based in and near Lymington. It was formed initially as part of a national initiative to encourage communities to recognise that the increasing number of people living with dementia and their carers need our understanding and support. Learn more about LDAG.

Dementia friendly Lymington

Events organised in Lymington and surrounding areas by LDAG and other local organisations, including music events, sports events, tea dances and Dementia Friends meetings. Find out what's on in our Events Calendar.

A number of shops, places and organisations in Lymington are now 'dementia friendly' - for details, see Dementia friendly Lymington

Find dementia help and support

If you’re worried about possible dementia symptoms, or if a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia and you need support or information about local facilities available, click here.

Whatever your needs or concerns about dementia, Lymington Dementia Action Group will try to point you in the right direction to get more information, advice or support. The team would also be interested in hearing your comments, suggestions or experiences related to dementia services and facilities in the area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

news of recent events 

Quiz boosts Dementia Action

Team members from five New Forest care homes went into battle for a ‘fiercely competitive but fun’ quiz in aid of the Lymington Dementia Action Group. Read more.

Tea Dance Delight

On Saturday 6th May 2017, people in our local community living with dementia, together with their families and carers, attended Lymington Dementia Action Groups 4th Tea Dance. Held at the Lymington Centre from 2-4pm, guests enjoyed tea and cakes supplied by Colten Care, on vintage bone china which had been supplied very generously by Jane Rowlatt. The fabulous entertainment, which got everybody singing and dancing, was provided by Retro Rita, who sang a selection of songs from the 40's and 50's. The event was attended by over 62 people and thanks also goes to members of the Lymington Lions Club for their continued help and support on the day.

LDAG trip to Exbury Gardens

Lymington Dementia Action Group organised an outing to Exbury Gardens in June, with picnic and train rides on the steam railway. It was a great success and more trips like this are planned. 

Dementia - information resources

Dementia Matters - Useful Contacts Published information, resources and help for people in Lymington and the local area who need information about dementia  Alzheimer's Society Alzheimer's Soc [ ... ]

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Music for well-being for Lymington people living with dementia

Lymington music groups  Two  community groups for people living with dementia and their carers   Active music-making sessions including singing, playing and gentle movement. These  [ ... ]

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Worried about dementia?

Worried about dementia? Information and advice from Lymington Dementia Action Group.   What is dementia? Dementia is not a normal part of ageing, and is not confined to the elderly. The term  [ ... ]

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7 Things you didn't know about dementia

7 things you didn't know about dementia Set to be the biggest killer of the 21st century - yet research is underfunded   Many families are affected by dementia. The condition is set to become  [ ... ]

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Art Dementia New Forest

Art Dementia New Forest New local charity takes on local art groups aimed at those living with dementia The Arts Groups which the Alzheimer’s Society started in 2007 are based in Milford on Sea, L [ ... ]

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Cage Cricket for people living with dementia

Cage cricket for people living with dementia. Coming soon to the Lymington area Lymington Dementia Action Group are currently looking at organising Cage Cricket for people living with dementia. Cag [ ... ]

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85 year old with dementia adds another string to her bow

Pearl, 85 and living with dementia, adds another string to her bow Learning to play a musical instrument enhances thought processes
An 85-year-old care home resident living with dementia has been en [ ... ]

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How to explain about dementia to children and young people

How to explain about dementia to children and young people.   Finding out that someone close to you has dementia, and then coping with it from day to day, can be distressing for everyone involv [ ... ]

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New music group for people with dementia

New music group for people with dementia. Dementia specialist care home in Lymington hosting a new music group.
Linden House, the Colten Care-owned home in New Street, is the venue for Music for Wel [ ... ]

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Setting out for a world without dementia

Setting out into the New Forest for a world without dementia. Forest care home residents set out on a 'memory walk' in aid of the Alzheimer's Society.   A sponsored ‘memory walk’ involving [ ... ]

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Why everybody in Lymington should be a Dementia Friend

Why everybody in Lymington should be a Dementia Friend   Lymington has officially been a “Dementia Friendly Town” for some time now. This is appropriate in a town where a significant prop [ ... ]

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Lymington scores with a new sports group for people with dementia

Lymington scores with a new sports group for people with dementia. Local sports enthusiasts living with dementia can meet, remember and discuss favourite sporting memories.   On 20th July, the [ ... ]

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Specialist Dementia Colten Care - Jane's Story

Colten Care provides the ultimate in specialist care for our loved ones with dementia If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia there will come a stage when you may have to face a very difficu [ ... ]

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Twiddlemuffs for Dementia at Amys Haberdashery

Knitting the dementia community together   Keen knitters have been hard at work producing more than 100 Twiddlemuffs at Amy’s Haberdashery at the top of St Thomas’ Street in Lymington, to r [ ... ]

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Lymington is officially a dementia friendly town from 20 September 2014 Lymington: A Dementia Friendly Town from 20 September 2014

Lymington: A Dementia Friendly Town FROM 20 SEPTEMBER 2014, LYMINGTON IS OFFICIALLY A ‘DEMENTIA FRIENDLY’ TOWN. Everybody in Lymington must be aware by now of the enormous national and local dri [ ... ]

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