Introduction to paid membership options with Lymington.com

Updated:  September 2018

Promote your business locally to 15,000+ people every week

The Lymington.com website together with its social media and direct email communications will promote your business locally via multi channel online marketing to 15,000+ people weekly, always reinforcing the key message: to buy and do business locally.

Active promotion and endorsement of your business

With coordinated, regular, powerful online communications the combined Lymington.com media channels reach out via the website news, events and business pages together with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels and the popular weekly “What’s On” email newsletter to promote, champion and endorse your business.

It’s like a glorious combination of the best of local advertising, PR and promotion, crafted to promote both your special offers and your core business messages with the added stamp of third party endorsement.

With 15,000 - 30,000+ monthly visits to the Lymington.com website itself (more in summer, fewer in winter), plus 4,500 subscribers who look forward to receiving our weekly newsletter by email, 7,000+ Facebook followers, nearly 4,000 on Twitter and 1,000+ (rapidly growing) on Instagram, Lymington.com's online tentacles reach into every nook and cranny to influence the majority of people who nowadays find it convenient and quick to look online for local events, news and information generally. Our online following comprises mainly locals but with a significant number of visitors too.

And with the New Forest containing a disproportionately large number of sole traders and small businesses many of these as well as as well as employees of larger companies will see your messages wearing both their “home and family” hat and their “business” hat, which means that both consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) messages will be well received.

Individual business web page

Both annual “business” membership (paid annually) and regular “promotion” membership (paid monthly) require  your own business web page to be set up first.

Google likes our Directory a lot (web traffic has risen by nearly 800% since 2014), and simply having a business page on Lymington.com has value in itself. Google also regularly features our news items and events in Google Alerts and Google Search.

If your business doesn't have a website, has an outdated or non-responsive website, or is part of a chain which limits local information on the main website, your business web page on Lymington.com is all the more useful.

Also if your business has various different elements, we can tailor your web page to showcase the exact elements that you would like to promote to the local market.

In other words, we can help 'tell your story' and explain exactly why people should come to you!

Your individual business web page includes:

  • Succinct and compelling summary of your business: what it offers, to whom and why it’s so good! We champion your business, providing valuable third party endorsement too.
  • Your logo, images, contact details, social media links and a Google map
  • Including a full width header image which you can if you wish design to incorporate headlines as well as images
  • Your page optimised for Google
  • You will have the ability to log in and edit at any time

Launch news article

A short news article on Lymington.com will announce your new business web page

Business Membership (paid annually)

Annual business membership is the base level of membership and is the preferred option for most small businesses which may also take advantage of ad hoc promotion boosts when they have something special to promote.

As well as the annual subscription for the business web page, annual business membership includes a minimum of one complimentary promotion across all our online media channels:  Weekly What’s On email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  For each channel we devise a suitable compelling caption and resize images as necessary.

It also includes complimentary mention in the diary section of our weekly newsletter of relevant upcoming events added by the member to the what’s on Calendar on Lymington.com (it’s free for everybody to add any and all events, but you have to be a member to get “promotion” of commercial events).

And, it also includes feature in all and any relevant general promotional articles we write for the website – mostly they’re about events and family offerings for the holidays but we also run “sector specific” features.

In addition we will add members' job vacancies to our Local Jobs page which is featured weekly in the Weekly What's On email newsletter.

Finally, if a member is involved in a charity event we’ll include FOC a write up provided copy and images are supplied to our specification.

Promotion Membership

Promotion Membership (paid monthly) includes subscription for business web page and makes sense for businesses which have a lot to say and advertise, on a regular basis. 

"Promotion" refers to promotion across all our online media channels ie Weekly What’s On email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Frequency of promotion can be monthly, twice monthly or weekly.

The price charged whether monthly, twice monthly or weekly is based on content supplied by you and can include link to your website, or to lymington.com business web page, or to an individual event, depending on subject.

If content needs to be originated or copywritten from other sources, it can be created and published on Lymington.com at an extra charge – see below.

For new Promotion Members there is a set up charge for a Communications Plan.  This contributes to the time spent meeting either in person or on the phone to define and document the plan - which details the planned messages, content, images and other elements as relevant.  Exact format differs according to the individual business.

The Communications Plan provides the initial framework and can of course be subsequently varied and/or updated.

Ad Hoc Promotion 

An Ad Hoc Promotion is particularly useful for Business Members who do not want the regular commitment of Promotion Membership but occasionally have  something special to announce and promote. 

The promotion will be based on a short news article on the website including one image. This article will normally get picked up by Google Alerts.

The article is then promoted across all our channels (newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

A paid “boost” on Facebook is an optional extra to an ad hoc promotion boost, this is charged at cost.

Promotional Review or Feature Article

A full length review or feature article provides additional detail and publicity, and can be promoted by members via their own websites and social media as third party endorsement.

We take considerable time to research the article usually via a visit/meeting and discussion which if required can include on the spot photography, then to copywrite normally 800-1,000 words and publish with 3-4 images included in the text.

The article will be published in the correct category of Lymington Life the magazine section and tagged “News” so it will be picked up by Google Alerts.

This kind of article can be combined with an Advertorial, professionally designed by Bartley Marketing, in one or more local offline media.  For more detail please enquire.


  • Joining fee £150
  • Business Membership annual subscription £120 until 31 October, thereafter £150
  • Promotion Membership (includes web page subscription) monthly £75, twice monthly £125, weekly £225
  • Communications Plan (required for Promotion Membership) £150
  • Ad Hoc Promotion Boost (short news article from content supplied plus ad hoc promotion) from £125
  • “Announcement” type article from content supplied from £50
  • Full length feature or review article from £250
  • Ad Hoc Event Promotion across all channels £100
  • All above are for Members only
  • Non Members:
  • Ad Hoc Event Promotion from £150
  • Job Vacancy add to Local Jobs page from £25
  • All prices plus VAT


Sign up now as a Business or Promotion Member of Lymington.com and start benefitting immediately from this vast local online promotional reach - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01590 612902 for initial chat.


New Forest based Bartley Marketing is a marketing consultancy and agency which also provides the full range of marketing services to local business, from consultancy and planning to branding, advertising and PR, websites, online advertising and SEO to direct communications and social media management.

According to your needs Bartley Marketing can:

  • Clarify and define your marketing objectives, strategies, messages and branding
  • Plan your marketing and communications
  • Check your website and social media are working for you - and help put them right
  • Design and build your new or replacement website
  • Train you to make the most out of social media - or manage it on your behalf
  • 'Ghostwrite' your blogs, as well as write copy for editorials, advertorials and articles
  • Implement your direct email communications with clients and prospects
  • Provide graphic design and photography, including 360 degree Google 'See Inside'
  • Produce online and offline advertising and manage your printed promotional and point of sale materials

Check us out now at www.bartleymarketing.co.uk and call 01590 612902 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.