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Sound Bath

Health and Wellbeing Events
Date: Tuesday, 12 November 18:30

Venue: The Natural Health Hub

Lie back and bathe in the lovely sounds of Sonja Gundry‘s sound bath. Deeply relaxing, releasing and revitalising  sound therapy is proven to help with stress, anxiety, pain and a whole lot more by putting you into a delicious deep state of relaxation. 

We listen to music to cheer ourselves up, we’re moved to tears when we hear a tune with memories, we feel uplifted and happier after a good singsong… The therapeutic power of sound is well proven. What is perhaps less well known – yet equally academically researched – is that sound can be deeply healing, not just in terms of relaxing you but way deeper… physically, emotionally and spiritually. Meditation CDs and classes use music because it has a deep-acting healing power. And then came sound therapy.

Enjoy a therapeutic sound bath

Come and experience this healing power of sound at one of Sonja Gundry’s Sound Baths. Lie down, relax and be bathed in the beautiful, deeply relaxing tones and ‘sonic signatures’ of gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls and percussion instruments.

Not only will you come away feeling relaxed, you’ll find you’re refreshed and revitalised… Sound has the potential to reach far deeper than our conscious minds, so it can release emotional baggage and allow you to access a greater sense of health and well-being. For some it facilitates a journey of healing – all lying on your back, bathed in sound, simply doing nothing but listening!

About Sonja Gundry

‘To grow and flourish through sound’ is Sonja Gundry’s mantra. She is a qualified Therapeutic Sound Practitioner, member of the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA) and one of the teaching team who trains sound therapists at The British Academy of Sound Therapy.

‘I fell in love with gong sound at the age of 10,’ she says. But it wasn’t until she developed cancer that she came to her vocation. ‘While receiving chemotherapy I found myself reflecting on my life situation. Listening to my taped sounds or music through headphones would place me in my own space. Discovering this made me feel so much better – I became more relaxed, open and lighter.

‘My journey through sound has been a life-changing experience – feeling growth, flourishing and the potential for change.’ Now she shares that experience with others through her sound baths and 121 sound therapy through her practice, Sound for Healthy Being.  She uses a combination of different instruments at a sound bath or treatment:

  • Himalayan bowls (harmonic warmth)
  • Crystal bowls (nurturing)
  • Gongs (majestic and bold)

Come and join Sonja for her healing sound bath at The Natural Health Hub. She is now also offering 121 sound therapy at The Hub too!

Date: Tuesday 12 November 6.30-7.30pm

Cost: £15, payable in advance. We can take payments over the phone if you call us on 01590 670955, or pay by PayPal using the Buy Now button at

PLEASE NOTE: Sound baths are not suitable for the first three months of pregnancy, or if you suffer from epilepsy triggered by sound, or seizures. Please consult Sonja on 07739 019565 if you have bipolar disorder, serious mental health issues or ongoing serious medical conditions.

The Natural Health Hub is Lymington’s health and well-being centre offering an extensive selection of complementary therapies. Services include acupuncture, homeopathy, counselling, NLP, reflexology, polarity therapy and reiki, as well as NIS (neurological integration system), plus our ever-popular monthly sound baths! Our energy-balancing massages are like no other… We specialise in nutritional advice, including allergy, diabetes and hair analysis testing, and natural treatment of pain. Classes on offer are yoga, meditation, pilates, yogic relaxation and meditative movement. We stock supplements, probiotics and all-natural non-toxic products. Book online at or give us a call on 01590 670955.

We are tucked behind the high street in Lymington, down the passageway between Halifax and Dogs Trust


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  • Tuesday, 12 November 18:30

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