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Sandy Down Hurstly, Boldre, Hampshire SO41 8PN

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I am a registered homeopath with 14 years' experience, specialising in the treatment of women, children and babies. Homeopathy is highly beneficial for all things womanly (from PMS to hot flushes, through PCOS and endometriosis), and is a gentle, natural way to lift you out of grief, anxiety, depression and stress. I can boost your child who gets infection after infection so he no longer needs antibiotics, help your teenager who's crippled with under-confidence. My particular passion is fertility and helping couples to conceive that baby of their dreams. The top conditions people consult me for are: hayfever, ear infections, stress, bereavement, period problems, molluscum, colic, nervousness and digestive problems - but that's just a smattering of the ailments I deal with day to day. Homeopathic remedies are a natural, non-addictive, non-toxic alternative that do not cause side effects, are safe for people of all ages and work by harnessing the body's own ability to heal itself. So if you're seeking something totally natural that will boost your health, rather merely managing your symptoms, then give me a call on 01590 624020.

Sandy Down Hurstly, Boldre, Hampshire SO41 8PN


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