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I am Abi, I have always loved to sew and create and whilst studying textiles at College, I discovered the damage that the fashion industry is having on our world. I see fabric as a blank canvas from which so much can be made, the unloved fabrics I find are turned into items which can be used every day, from masks, to wash bags, from key rings to beach bags, beautiful fabrics can bring a smile and brighten all our lives.

By shopping with Grumblebee  Co you are not only buying a quality, hand crafted item, made with love but are also supporting our planets recovery.

How Grumblebee Co Started

The fashion world is one of the most wasteful industries in the world; globally we dispose of over 13 million tons of textile waste every year. Grumblebee Co wants to bring change to this practice by using pre loved or unwanted materials as much as possible in the products it creates. Fabric is sourced from places such as the Oakhaven Craft shop or end of roll and offcuts from Timeless Fabrics in the heart of Milford. By using materials such as these I can give a new lease of life, in the form of everyday items as well as provide replacements for single use items such as reusable cotton pads and face wipes.

My products are handmade to order, durable and made with beautiful fabrics, supporting local small businesses help cut down on wasteful practices and the environmental damage caused by mass production.

Every order is helping to create a healthier planet, even something as simple as swapping out your mass produced wash bag for a more durable locally produced item will help reduce waste.


Wash bag: these beautiful wash bags are the prefect addition for any staycation or holiday abroad. They are spacious and a good size to carry all essentials fro an amazing holiday home or away

Mask & pouch: these must have accessories attach to any keys, handbags, or belt loop. The pouches are compact and ensures you never go anywhere without your mask. Although we are now hopefully coming to the end of lockdown, masks provide extra coverage for those who still want extra protection. My masks are beautiful, using soft elastic for comfort and a nose wire to hug your face nicely. The concertina effect allows for easy breathing and allows you to talk without the worry of it slipping out of place.

Face pads: these are a great alternative to single use cotton pads and face wipes. The set comprises of 4 smaller pads and 2 larger ones. A drawstring pad to keep the face pads all in one place and also a love heart pad. I added in in a love heart one as I wanted people to start losing their skin and face. Everyone is beautiful but some people need a daily reminder

Make up bags: this is a compact version of my pencil case, and it’s the perfect handbag addition. It comes with a fabric lining but it can be swapped out for a water resistant lining. It’s  great for carrying travel sized items for a weekend away or for everyday use. 

Pencil Case: a really handy pouch for the office or back to school. It’s a great size to carry pencils, epipens, crochet hooks and much more. It could be used for crafts or to carry around your essentials.

Lunch Bag: this is a great back to the office accessory. This nifty lunchbox has a water resistant lining so any mess can be easily wiped away. It has snap fasteners on the handles for easy closure. 

These items form my core products, with special offers and new items added as limited runs.

For full details, such as sizing, prices and material options available on my Instagram and Facebook @GrumblebeeCo

Products are available in two options:

Option 1: choose from a wide range of materials while stocks last

Option 2: choose from either warm/cool/monochrome/multicoloured and the rest with be a surprise 

Buy Grumblebee and Be eco…

Milford on Sea

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