FREE treatments for teachers and NHS workers

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21 January 2021
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If lockdown is getting to you, then The Natural Health Hub's therapies can give you an amazing lift so you feel a bit more like your normal self! People report feeling more positive after these treatments, have more energy and are able to do more after weeks of achieving less. We are noticing that this time around lockdown is hitting people harder, especially with the winter weather, most particularly teachers who are simply exhausted... So a couple of our therapists at The Hub, Lymington's health and well-being centre, are offering free treatment to teachers and NHS workers. Just give us a call on 01590 670955 or email us at to book.

Pranic healing with Neena Saith

Pranic healing helps beat lockdown stress so you feel more relaxed, balanced and focused. Everyone who has been treated by Neena Saith finds they feel more grounded and less fraught! Prana means 'lfe's energy' and pranic healing works on the principle that illness and health problems result from disturbances to the flow of energy in our energetic anatomy. The therapy accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal by increasing the energy or ‘life force’ on the affected part and the entire body. We all live busy lives and a condition or ailment can arrive through certain patterns, lifestyles and psychological changes. By using specific techniques for those ailments or conditions the pattern can be reversed and the body is able to heal itself.

Neena offers treatment either via Zoom/WhatsApp or in person at The Hub

NIS with Guy Blomfield

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) works on the principle that the brain is the key to the body functioning at its best. This treatment is all about switching on dormant circuits, that should, when they are awake, be assisting your brain to control your numerous body systems. Every day is for our bodies a physical (and emotional) balancing act, and (like the man in our picture) sometimes maintaining that balance can be pretty precarious. Various events throughout our lives take us, often unwittingly, beyond our limits – in effect we ‘blow some fuses’. Once several of these circuits within the body are functioning below par, symptoms start to manifest.

Guy offers treatment in person at The Hub

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