Croft Productions

Hordle, Hampshire

Business Details

Croft Productions is a small business based in The New Forest in the South of England, it is owned and run by Vivian Craggs.

The core business of Croft Productions is the creation of personal digital audio recordings which can either be given as gifts or cherished as a permanent keepsake for the customer. We do this using the latest technology to create quality products.

The finished project is saved to a USB memory stick which is packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

Some of our services -----

Family History - is a way for families to capture a legacy and create a memory for themselves and future generations of their family.

Grandma Remembers - is an opportunity for people to record their reminiscences which can then be replayed as their memories fade. As we get older or illness overtakes us this provides a means by which we remind both ourselves and others of the person behind the illness or wrinkles.

Leaving a Legacy - Grief is not about forgetting the person who has died, but about finding ways to remember them and take their memory forward. Together we will produce a priceless keepsake for you as well as your friends and family, which can be cherished forever.
Hordle, Hampshire