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2019-12-02 19:00
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Zoë Porter’s passion is ashtanga yoga. She is on a mission to demystify some of the misconceptions about ashtanga – not least that it’s scary and hard! Join her for a free taster where she will take you through the wonderful poses of this traditional form of yoga that she describes as ‘moving meditation’.


Why choose ashtanga yoga

Forget the myth that ashtanga is hard! Our ashtanga yoga teacher Zoë Porter demystifies some of the misconceptions about ashtanga yoga. With its set sequence of rhythmic poses, this traditional form of yoga means you know exactly what your class holds in store – go with the flow of the sequence and you relax into a lovely de-stress moving meditation. Here are some of the many reasons to choose ashtanga… It’s only as hard as you make it!

  1. A consistent and well-rounded practice

While other yoga classes might have a specific focus each time, ashtanga follows a set series of postures which ensure you get a balanced and complete practice every time

  1. Moving meditation

As the ashtanga series of poses becomes more familiar you won’t need to focus so much on external cues and instruction. Your focus instead becomes internal as you observe your breath, a gaze point and how your body feels in the pose.

  1. Hands-on adjustments

Your ashtanga teacher will use these in a variety of ways: to assist and correct alignment, progress or move you more deeply into a pose or just to provide support.

  1. A traditional and spiritual practice

Unlike other forms of yoga, ashtanga is taught in classical sequence of the same poses every time encompassing physical asanas (postures) alongside philosophy, chanting and breath work.

  1. Progression

Consistent practice of the ashtanga sequence with adjustments will allow to you to move deeper into existing postures but also to learn new ones that you probably would have thought impossible until you find yourself doing them!

  1. Suitable for everyone

For every pose there is a modification or alternative available to make it accessible to even the beginner. And for more advanced students there is always a new pose to learn or a new way to challenge yourself in an old pose.

  1. A complete workout

Ashtanga yoga will build strength, flexibility and balance as well as provide a cardiovascular workout. For regular practitioners there is no need to complement yoga with other types of exercise (unless you want to!).

  1. It’s only as tough as you make it

The same sequence and same class can feel different for everyone practising! Ashtanga can be practised in a soft and gentle way or you can really go for it and build up a sweat. The choice is completely in your approach and state of mind.

  1. Stress relief

Breathing through postures you may find tricky or challenging will help you do the same in the rest of your life.

  1. Emotional well-being

Practising ashtanga brings about a more calm and equanimous state of mind

  1. Therapeutic

The Ashtanga primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa in Sanskrit, translated as Yoga Therapy. This series of poses is intended to cleanse and purify the internal organs, as well as building fitness, allowing for the healing of a diseased body or maintaining balance of a healthy one.

Date: Monday 2 December 7-8pm

Cost: FREE

To book your free place, visit or call us on 01590 670955

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We are tucked behind the high street in Lymington, down the passageway between Halifax and Dogs Trust


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