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Last Date
2019-08-02 09:00
Milford on Sea, UK
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Contact Person
Kevin Groarke
First Line of Venue Address
Milford on Sea, UK
SO41 0NU

We have activities to suit the needs and interests of any budding coder and film-maker from Minecraft and Roblox to Pokémon and robots – we have it all.

We are experts in creating challenging yet fun workshops for children aged 7-13, bringing together multiple key skills including problem solving, collaboration, communication, logical reasoning and creative thinking through film-making and coding.

What will your child do?

You can choose how many days you would like your child to attend. The more time your child spends on our workshops, the more they will cover. Below is a list of the activities, equipment and programs we use throughout our workshops. It is by no means definitive.

Your child can expect to cover some or all of these activities whilst on our workshops.

– learn how to create their own games using block coding
– learn how to remix games created by others to put their own personal stamp on it
– design their own characters (sprites) online
– learn about conditional coding by writing a simple script for a Sphero robot
– use BBC Micro:bits to create digital name tags, digital dice and write code which allows two or more Micro:bits to communicate with each other.
– plan, film, act-out, choreograph and edit a movie trailer which can then be emailed to parents.
– design and shoot their very own movie posters which can also be emailed out to parents.

What we can guarantee is that no matter how many days your child attends, they’ll learn lots about coding and film-making in a fun and educational environment.

Children should not expect to be simply playing Roblox or Minecraft games throughout our workshops. They will be expected to complete coding challenges within these worlds.

And we’re committed to ensuring children understand how to stay safe online which not only includes how they interact with others on the Internet, but how and when to take breaks away from the screen. We also promote the use of ‘unplugged’ coding activities which encourage computational thinking without the use of a screen.

What if my child has been on your workshops before? Will they do the same tasks?

No. We have an array of activities to suit the ages and abilities of the children on our workshops. We always look for ways to develop their skills meaning that if they have been on our workshops before, they will be given more challenging tasks to complete. These tasks will often be based on what they learnt previously, but we appreciate that it will have been some time since they practised these skills. As soon as they are confident again, we will move them on.

What skills will your child develop with us?

Computational skills:

– basic use of a laptop and tablet
– keyboard shortcuts
– basic touch typing
– mouse control

Social skills:

– work collaboratively
– take ownership of a project or part of a project
– public speaking


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