D Day 75 - Lymington Quay Wreath Laying Service

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2019-06-08 10:45
Lymington Quay - Lymington SO41
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Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club
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D Day Wreath Laying Service at Lymington Quay

Lymington Quay 10:40 am

Piper, bugler, Mayor and other council members. WW2 vehicles, local WW2 veterans and local veterans of more recent conflicts. All welcome. 
Organised by Lymington Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club.


Lymington Town Quay: Troop Embarkation Site

Lymington Town Quay was used as an embarkation point for troops camped in Marshalling Area B, and had space for two ‘Landing Craft, Tank’ (LCT) or ‘Landing Craft, Infantry (Large)’ or LCI(L).

Many Allied troops waited for D-Day in camps throughout the New Forest. Some of these embarked here at Lymington, whereas others used embarkation sites to the east or west, particularly Southampton. This group of camps was known as Marshalling Area B.

From 31 May onwards, and according to a highly detailed timetable, troops began to make their way down to the coast and embark onto the ships and landing craft that would take them to Normandy. Vehicles were often loaded earlier, and troops on foot embarked only just before D-Day. The troops bound for landing on D-Day were followed by forces who would be landing on subsequent days, forming a steady stream moving down towards the south coast that in many places continued for months.

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  • 2019-06-08 10:45

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