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2019-04-13 10:00
Shape Up Fitness - Mount Pleasant Ln, Lymington SO41 8LS, UK
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Contact Person
Nicky Fuller
First Line of Venue Address
Shape Up Fitness
SO41 8LS

We invite you to join Nicky for a day of all things Fitness and Wellbeing. The perfect combination of High Energy Fitness Classes followed by an afternoon of Relaxation and absolute Zen.

10am -A Warm Welcome

10.15-Invitation to Set Intentions

10.30 - 11.15 Spin
11.25 - 12.25 Power hour (Group Personal Training Session)
12.30 - 13.30 Pilates

13.30 - 14.15 Break for lunch
14.15 - 14.30 Regroup at Base Camp

14.30 - 15.15 Forest Mindfulness Walking
15.20 - 16.20 Elemental Movement
16.20 - 16.30 Get cosy
16.30 - 17.30 Wellbeing, Energy Healing, Relaxation session

"I invite you start the day by coming together to set intentions for the day. Having a goal and focus in minds eye will support you in achieving your desired positive outcome for the day.

From there we will move into our fully kitted spin room. Where I will take you on the ride of your life and show you what you can really achieve on a spin bike. When used and trained on correctly these babies can help to take your fitness levels through the roof.

We will then venture upstairs into our Fully Equipped Fitness Studio for a Group PT session. Here I will train you teach you coach you and take you to the next level of what you are truly capable of. Your true Potential is always bubbling away under the surface.

As we take a step forward towards the afternoon we shall move into a session of Pilates and start to indulge ourselves in beginning to wind the body down and encourage the body to become centred whilst we work on developing our core strength flexibility and Natural Strength.

You’ll have a 45mins break after Pilates to refuel and enjoy the New Forest which is a 5 minute stroll from where Shape Up Fitness is based.

You’ll also have the option to stroll around the beautiful 9 acre gardens of Passford House Hotel which over looks the beautiful New Forest. Passford House also have a great menu so if you wish you can pop next door and indulge in some yummy refuelling foods. It's a 30 second walk at most.

And if you so desire in this time you can also explore and grab lunch in Lymington Town which is a 5 minute drive away. It will also be market day so there will be lots to see and do if you wish to venture into town.

We start the afternoon with a walk into the New Forest where we will spend time reconnecting with Self and Nature, opening our minds to the endless possibilities that can be achieved
when the mind is free from Monkey Chatter.

Monkey Chatter Observed and Removed we will head back to the studio to indulge in Elemental Movement. Elemental Movement promotes. Mobility, Flexibility, Natural Strength, Natural Tone, and Relaxation. Elemental Movement encourages the body to release aches, pains, stiffness, tension and stresses of daily life by opening up the body to all the plains of Movement it was designed to create.

The day will be beautifully rounded off with you getting cosy before indulging in a Wellbeing/Energy Healing session. I shall guide you through a series of techniques and meditations that will help and support you to continue along the journey you have positively begun to carve out on this fantastic day of Fitness and Wellbeing

Here's to you joining in with what is going to be an amazing day pumped full of positive energy happiness and feel good factor...!

I look forward to supporting you to Shine Bright Always


Early Bird tickets are £95 (till 21st March)
Standard Price £125

To purchase your ticket and secure your space please email Nicky Fuller on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • 2019-04-13 10:00

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