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2018 special membership offer for local online advertising. 

Currently when you sign up for Business Membership you will get all of this:

Individual business web page 
Advertising in articles during the year
One bespoke promotion in email newsletter  - FREE
Individual business web page

Your individual business web page includes:

  • Succinct and compelling summary of your business: what it offers, to whom and why it’s so good! We champion your business, providing valuable third party endorsement too.
  • Your logo, images, contact details, social media links and a Google map
  • Your page optimised for Google
  • You will have the ability to log in and edit at any time
  • If your business doesn't have a website, has an outdated or non-responsive website, or is part of a chain which limits local information on the website, your webpage on is all the more powerful. And if your business has various different elements, we can tailor your webpage to showcase the exact elements that you would like to promote to the local market, we can help 'tell your story' and explain exactly why people should come to you!
Advertising in articles during the year

Sign up for Business Membership and we’ll promote you in our feature articles on, such as:

  • Where to eat and drink in Lymington and the New Forest
  • What's on over the school holidays in Lymington and the New Forest
    plus similar articles throughout the year...
FREE bespoke promotion in email newsletter 

Once your business page is set up we will promote it for you.

First we will write a succinct promotional message  which can  incorporate either a promotion or special offer you'd like to advertise - or simply your core business message.  

Along with a suitable image this message will be included as a bespoke promotion in one issue of our weekly newsletter which goes out to 4,500 subscribers on Friday mornings.


Sign up as a Business Member of now!

Business membership of is just £10 per month payable monthly by Direct Debit (or £120 annually in advance if preferred), plus £75 initial set up.

This is excellent value - your advertising will be live and searchable for a whole year and you'll benefit straight away from advertising and promotion! 


Upgrade to Promotion Membership if required later...

If you decide to take advantage of more frequent promotion via media channels you can add Promotional Boosts or upgrade to Promotion Membership during the year. works! has provided huge support with the marketing of my new business. As well as providing expertise that has helped hone my social media and marketing generally, has boosted my online reach. Whenever they post one of my blogs there is a noticeable improvement in take-up of events and services. Locals read their newsletter and whenever we are included it boosts us, and our presence on the website is how many people have found us. The Natural Health Hub would not be where it is today without the help of Jane and Tanya, who are approachable and generous with their advice.” - Sue Leach, Natural Health Hub, August 2017

Full details:


Contact us now to get started as a Business Member

Give us a call on 07782 167862 or 01590 612902 or send us an email today on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


All prices subject to VAT.

January 2018.




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