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Lymington, Hampshire
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Peter Cooper Ltd Removals, Storage and Furniture Restoration

Long established Lymington removals, storage and furniture and antique restoration firm with an excellent reputation.

Lymington, Hampshire
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On The Spot Tax Accountants New Forest

On The Spot based in Lymington provides all your traditional accountancy services for Self Assessment, Sole Trader, Limited Company, Charity and CIC’s plus virtual finance director…

Looking after our locks in lockdown part two

New Forest November lockdown is a good time to care for our own hair - meet Andrew David Hair for some hair care tips

Andrew David Hair logo

This lockdown time around we may not be quite so desperate to get a haircut, but with summer over and heading into winter it's definitely a good time to consider giving our hair a bit of extra care!

As Andrew of Andrew David Hair in Lyndhurst pointed out to me when we spoke earlier, hair is the same as skin and nails, and just as we tend to have a different skincare routine in winter, it would be good to use this time to give our hair a bit of a detox! If it’s cold and especially if it's blowy, hair can become extra brittle. And Andrew has some tips for us all....

The importantance of using hair products recommended by hair professionals

"It’s incredibly important to use hair products prescribed by your hair stylist that is tailor built for your hair type or texture.

Whether it’s combating frizz, preventing damage or taming unruly curls it’s really down to the science of how hair products will benefit your hair. Hydration is a must for curly hair, and so is protein. It’s really important to get a good balance of both, as too much of either can have undesirable effects, which is why it’s so important to get the right prescribed products.

Andrew David Hair products

One of my favourite range of products is KMS, which we sell in store or online, and there are so many great products depending on what you’re trying to combat. Use this time as a hair detox for the post summer hair treatment and pre winter effects on the hair.

The structure of hair is composed of millions of disulfide “bonds” (think of scaffolding holding it all together): while going through a chemical process, or even just because of environmental damage (sun, cold weather etc) these bonds are broken down.

Olaplex - to combat and prevent damaged hair by repairing the bonds

A really good example of combating and preventing damaged hair is Olaplex. Olaplex works by repairing these bonds.

Here are some of the benefits!




Unlike other bond builders, Olaplex was the original - and it really shows. After one use of Olaplex I can really see and feel a difference in my clients' hair.

Olaplex comes as a stand alone service in the salon, but there are some amazing retail products avaliable

Olaplex before and after

No 3 - hair perfector - this is a once weekly treatment repairing the hair and leaving it looking and feeling amazing between salon visits.

No 4 - bond building shampoo - this is a luxury rich shampoo that is probably one of my favourite products, it smells incredible and it’s super luxurious.

No5 - bond building conditioner - this is their bond smoothing conditioner designed to leave your hair feeling really hydrated.

No 6 - bond smoother - is their repairing blowdrying creme. Its thick consistency is brilliant for super coarse hair and taming unruliness! 

No 7 is their hair bonding oil which is a great heat protector and can be used on wet or dry hair. Great to tame any fly aways after a blowdry!

All these products are super concentrated and a little goes a long way. 

good hair day with Andrew David Hair

The olaplex “trial” is a brilliant way of trying 4 of these products mentioned above before investing in all of them:

I hope you enjoy this opportunity to try a little extra care for your hair and below I'm offering a special incentive to try some of these fantastic products!"

Buy Andrew David Hair products here: include code LYMDOTCOM for a 10% discount

If you include the code LYMDOTCOM you will be entitled to 10% off Andrew David Hair's haircare products.

Andrew David Hair's olaplex and KMS Christmas packages 

See also Andrew David Hair's olaplex and KMS Christmas packages avaliable below - great for a gift to self or for somebody you care for!

Buy Andrew David Hair Christmas gift sets here: include code LYMDOTCOM for a 10% discount

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