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Getting your business noticed in your local market can be harder than you thought it would be. Businesses local to the New Forest, Lymington and surrounding areas can benefit enormously from Bartley Marketing’s unique online local media channel, is an online hub for both the local community and visitors to the area. It provides local news and information; what’s on and things to do; where to stay, eat and drink; jobs vacancies; business reviews and articles of local interest. It is ‘Your Local Link’. - much more than a website Annual Membership includes promotionMore than just a website, reaches out and encourages the local community and visitors to the Lymington and New Forest area to support local businesses, charities and community organisations.

Using a unique combination of positive PR and promotion, champions businesses, events and causes across multiple social media channels (currently 6,700 Facebook, 3,200 Twitter and a growing number of Instagram followers), a weekly ‘What’s on’ newsletter emailed to subscribers (currently 4,500) and of course the web platform, which in itself features very strongly on search engines. This gives an average combined weekly reach of 15,000, growing all the time. Find out about statistics and demographic profile. - a positive mouthpiece

The channel champions and promotes everything it can about Lymington and the New Forest. We strive to keep the channel a positive environment, promoting the great things about the area, unlike other media which often sensationalise the negatives. A benefit of this for businesses is that people tend to be in a positive frame of mind when they read our communications! - complements your business advertising and social media

social mediaEven if you have a local social media presence it can be difficult to expand your reach. provides a cost-effective way for local businesses to reach out into their local market and have their business, products and services endorsed by third party recommendation. Promoted by your business will stand out, ahead of your competitors – and it will not appear as you ‘blowing your own trumpet’ but as qualified endorsement. will complement and build upon your own advertising and social media.

We offer more than just promotion. The Bartley Marketing team has many years of marketing, copywriting, and PR experience across all sectors. With our complete range of integrated marketing and PR services we can save you valuable time and effort by writing content for you as well as promoting your business. See more details below about additional Bartley Marketing services.

To receive promotion on the Channel, a business first needs to take up one of our monthly membership plans, starting at just £10 plus VAT per month. Please see below for more details. You can also download this information in our Media Pack. Membership Plans – the Details’s range of promotional packages is based on a monthly membership model and a range of price levels catering for everything from the smallest budget of £10/month. 

All membership options include:

  • Comprehensive business page in the local directory section of the website

- includes being listed in all business categories which apply

- includes logo, multiple images, short and long descriptions, google map, monitored business review facility, meta title and description for search engines

- includes opportunity to really encapsulate the local benefits of what your business offers, to whom and why it’s good. This is especially useful if your business has multiple offerings and locations and your website is necessarily complicated because of that fact

  • At least one channel promotion per annum, which includes:

- featured promotional box in weekly newsletter with image, headline and link; and

- featured promotion with captioned images via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels

  • Members may add their commercial events FOC to the ‘What’s On’ events calendar
  • Member businesses will be included on an ‘as and when’ basis in our seasonal What’s On and/or subject specific feature articles


Basic Membership: £10 plus VAT per month

This plan provides a really low cost opportunity to benefit from the presence and pulling power of for all things Lymington! It includes a summary business page which includes all the essential information about your business together with the compelling proposition to your target customers, plus a low level of powerful, active promotion. It’s good for smaller businesses including high street retailers who wish to make an occasional advertising splash – e.g. reminder of location and offering, seasonal offers, new product ranges, etc.

  • This plan includes mention and recommendation of your business in general articles about subjects which are relevant to your business.
  • Includes all the above in “All membership options include…
  • You set up your own business page and may edit it at any time
  • Full list of what’s included: see Membership Plan Summary Table below
  • Please note that if you take the opportunity to add your events to the Events Calendar, these will often be promoted as well, in our weekly newsletter.


Featured Membership: £25 plus VAT per month

Featured membership is our recommended plan for Sole Traders. Especially those which also showcase in other online directories and membership groups - because we can also drive visitors to these other sites as well as to your website, which will add to your overall business proposition.

  • Includes everything in Basic Membership plus more detail on your business page including links to Trip Advisor, Brand New Forest and New Forest Marque, links to any YouTube posts and the opportunity to highlight featured reviews, and link to your Google Virtual Tour where appropriate
  • You set up your own business page and may edit it at any time
  • Four channel promotions per annum are included i.e. approximately quarterly
  • Full list of what’s included: see Membership Plan Summary Table below


Monthly Promotion Membership: £50 plus VAT per month

Monthly Promotion Membership provides a bespoke monthly combination of marketing consultancy, online PR and promotion, including 12-month communications plan and more regular promotion across the channel. Monthly Membership enables you to focus on your day-to-day business, knowing that planned, regular communications will be going out to your local market across multiple media.

  • We write the communications plan in consultation with you, detailing timing, messages, images to be used, links and other information. We will normally aim to set up from the outset at least three months in advance. This gives both parties an actual “plan” to follow which can then be extended, and of course it can be revised as necessary (e.g. for events)
  • If you have local job vacancies which you wish to advertise we will add them to our jobs page and promote them for you separately via our channel promotions – in addition to your monthly promotions.
  • Full list of what’s included: see Membership Plan Summary Table below

Monthly membership is particularly beneficial for small businesses, including:

  • restaurants and pubs with a stream of regular and ad hoc events which they wish to promote more widely than they are able to via their own channels
  • businesses which already produce regular articles, blogs etc – we can promote these to a wider audience with a link as most helpful either via content on the website or direct to the business’ own website
  • all businesses that want to extend their reach a regular basis. You can reach even further with additional articles (reviews/third party champion style) which are priced separately.

"We have Monthly Membership at £50 plus VAT per month. It costs us far less than one printed advert on one day in one local newspaper AND gives us so much more coverage over a longer period of time. is an excellent way to promote your business to your target audience in your local market." 


Twice Monthly Promotion Membership: £100 plus VAT per month

As monthly but with twice the amount of active promotion (i.e. channel promotions twice per month);

  • Includes twice/month communication between Bartley Marketing team and your business to refine and add detail to active promotions
  • Full list of what’s included: see Membership Plan Summary Table below


Weekly Promotion Membership: £200 plus VAT per month

As monthly, but with four times the amount of active promotion (i.e. channel promotion every week);

  • Includes weekly communication between Bartley Marketing team and your business to refine and add detail to active promotions
  • Full list of what’s included: see Membership Plan Summary Table below

Our Twice Monthly and Weekly Promotion Membership plans are ideal for businesses with multiple products and/or services who would like multiple messages championed more frequently. For example, hotels with a range of target markets: visitors looking for somewhere to stay, locals looking for a restaurant, spa membership, corporate events, wedding venue…


Bespoke Event Membership: From £100 plus VAT

This option is perfect for short term campaigns leading up to a specific event or launch, such as a new shop or restaurant opening, or special event (e.g. over one weekend). We’re currently developing this option which has recently been much in demand and current pricing is:

  • One week minimum price includes Featured Business Page OR detailed Event Listing plus one channel promotion as above: £100 plus VAT
  • One week including Featured Business Page AND Event Listing, plus promotion of job vacancies as appropriate: £150 plus VAT
  • For longer periods of promotion, price to be agreed.
  • Detailed reporting can be added to this plan with prices from £50 plus VAT depending on complexity of reporting required. Membership plans summary table membership rates June 2017

Additional Marketing and PR services

A range of further opportunities also exists to promote your business with and Bartley Marketing, depending on your marketing objectives and your budget.

Promotional Boosts Members have the opportunity to benefit from Promotional Boosts on Facebook, a highly effective way of 'switching on' a quick, tactical communication and promotion, ideal when needing immediate marketing action. Promotional Boosts start at £75 plus VAT. Find out more about Promotional Boosts

Promotional Banners

Online advertising will soon be available on a fantastic visual opportunity for businesses to reach out to our growing audience. Headline images with captions will soon be available on specific pages and will be priced from £40 plus VAT. Find out more about Promotional Banners.

Bartley Marketing Copywriting

Enhance your Membership further with our copywriting services. The Bartley Marketing team have many years experience of copywriting for businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors and can bring your products, services and business to life with relevant, consistent and compelling content.

  • Short news article: copywriting and set up in from £75 plus VAT
  • Full promotional article: research, copywriting, set up in from £250 plus VAT. Find out more about Promotional Articles.

The team is also highly experienced in managing website CMS on behalf of clients and ‘ghost-writing’ blogs and articles for business websites.

Articles on and website blogs written by the Bartley Marketing team can be fully integrated into your Membership promotion and, for Monthly, Twice a Month and Weekly Members, can form part of your Communications Plan.

Bartley Marketing Targeted Direct Communications

Taking things one step further, it can make sense to integrate your ghost-written blogs and articles on into your targeted direct communications campaigns with clients and prospects.
Bartley Marketing can help you build long-term relationships, increase customer loyalty and attract new clients. We can manage your targeted direct communications campaigns on your behalf and will design a bespoke campaign to meet your exact requirements. Indicative prices include:

  • Set up your email database in Email management system: from £150 plus VAT
  • 12 month targeted Direct Communications plan: from £150 plus VAT
  • Monthly ghost-written newsletter/email (copywriting, set up in Email management system): from £150 plus VAT per month

Bartley Marketing Communications

Bartley Marketing can design and distribute a range of attractive, content-driven brochures, postcards, newsletters, leaflets, magazines, banners, posters and flyers to support your marketing activities, combining the best printing techniques, professional photography and excellent design to ensure a professional looking product at affordable costs. We also design advertisements and can manage media relations on your behalf.

Bartley Marketing offers more than a traditional graphic design agency. Because we take the time to get to know your business and market, we not only produce professional, compelling and attractive designs to meet your marketing needs but, by combining our market research, planning and content marketing skills with our passion for creative design, we ensure the marketing material we deliver to our clients is targeted, well written, ‘fit for purpose’ and consistent with your brand, services, products and values.

Bartley Marketing Websites

Bartley Marketing plan, design and launch websites that not only look fantastic, but meet the very specific needs of the target audience and keep within budget. We can provide great imagery and write clear, SEO-friendly, engaging content to attract and enthuse your prospects. Whether you need a new responsive website or need to get your existing website working more effectively in search engines, we can help. We also offer friendly, reliable, UK-based website hosting.

Bartley Marketing PR

The team at Bartley Marketing can help you define and manage your overall PR strategy and plan, both online and offline. We can advise which social media platforms are most relevant for your business, can set up social media for you, then plan and manage it on your behalf – saving you valuable time.

Bartley Marketing Photography

Bartley Marketing can help you source and brief the right photographer for your specific requirements, organise photoshoots on your behalf and select the right photographs for your website, marketing communications, social media and PR.

We can also carry provide 360° degree ‘virtual tour’ imagery: for restaurants, accommodation and shops this “virtual showroom” has a multitude of benefits including for example: explaining the layout of a self catering property, showing the table layout in a restaurant, indicating the range of products available in a shop and encouraging prospects to then visit in person. Where this imagery is linked to your Google business page it can also significantly improve your Google search position. Prices which depend on the number of rooms and complexity of the layout start from as little as £150 plus VAT.

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