Lymington Connections...past and present!

I’m not sure yet how this section of Lymington Life is going to evolve, but to begin with we’ll be talking about connections – and especially, about some of the things going on locally which are bringing people together to admire and remember Lymington as it was in the past. Which is clearly a very popular pastime.  Eg this incredibly popular Facebook group:  Lymington - a slice of life in the 50's and 60's.
We’d also really like to unearth a local historian who’d be happy to write a regular piece for us – if you are somebody or you know somebody who might be willing to do that for us, please connect us!

Discover Lymington... Sway Tower: Hampshire's finest folly?

Sway Tower: Hampshire's finest folly? Peterson's Folly proved the versatility of concrete and provided work for unemployed locals.   Sway Tower, along Barrows Lane in the outskirts of Sway nea [ ... ]

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Buckland Rings: Lymington's Iron Age fortBuckland Rings: Lymington's Iron Age fort

Lymington's Iron Age fort and nearby port On the way into Lymington you might have noticed signs for 'Buckland Rings.'  Driving into Lymington along Southampton Road, it is easy to miss the gra [ ... ]

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Discover Lymington... Crinkle Crankles

Lymington's Crinkle Crankles There are some lovely examples of 'Crinkle Crankle' walls in Lymington   A crinkle crankle wall (also known as a crinkum crankum, serpentine, ribbon or wavy wall [ ... ]

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Discover Lymington... Jack in the Basket

Lymington's Jack in the Basket On approaching Lymington by sea, you pass the seamark 'Jack in the Basket'.   The navigable channel of the river has been defined by markers since the 18th Centu [ ... ]

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D-Day Anniversary in Lymington - New Forest hero flies again

Jack Brindley flies again at 90 At 90, one of The Wilverley Association’s Forest Oaks residents, Jack Brindley never thought he would get the chance to fly a light aircraft again.  How wrong h [ ... ]

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Lymington connections and contacts

“Lymington Connections” – an invitation to everybody who would like to contact, connect or re-unite with others with Lymington connections! We’re all using technology to connect and re-unite. [ ... ]

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